• How does it work?

    Download the Passport on Tap app via the App store or Google Play store. For $40, choose 12 breweries and cider houses from our list of over 20 tasting locations in and around Portland. At each location, get either a pint or as tasting flight from their proposed selection. Once you are at a location, clock on the logo and ask the staff to sign your Passport. Cheers!

    *Tip is not included.

  • Can I go to the same tasting location more than once?

    For discovery purpose, you have to choose 12 different Tasting locations

  • With the purchase of the Passport on Tap, do I need to choose all 12 tasting locations right away?

    Not at all! You can build your Passport progressively! We wish to promote spontaneous discoveries ;-) You simply need to choose the tasting locations before entering the establishment to ease the process!

  • When does my Passport on Tap expire?

    You can use your Passport on Tap for 1 year from the date of purchase.

  • Is it possible to gift the Passport on Tap?

    Of course! All you have to do is select the option “Gift a code” in the menu. You will then receive a gift code by email, which you can send to anyone, anytime!

  • I don’t have a smartphone. Can I still obtain and use a Passport on Tap?

    The Passport on Tap can only be used on a smartphone.

    *At any time, staff may ask to see your identity on the confirmation page.

  • When using my Passport on Tap in a participating tasting location, do I need to pay an additional amount?

    Tip is not included and we wish to emphasize the high-quality service of participating breweries (tip as usual). Also, we recommend that you enrich your discovery experience by trying other products such as a meal that is unique to the place you are visiting (see our must-try recommendations for each location).

    Couldn’t find an answer to your question? Email us at hello@portlandpassportontap.com